A different perspective of your organisation

What is the perspective that you have of the organisation you are part of, that business you run, that not-for-profit you give yourself to?

Could you change your view to seeing it as either:

  • an information processing system, or
  • a decision making system, or
  • an interpretation system

If so, what tools will you need to get the best out of the system? What leadership will you need? What strategies will you need to take you into the future?

For see, you take inputs and transform them using the, if you will, intelligence, of the organization.

You take the materials, the information and energy and produce something different.

So, if you are an information processing system:

  • how well are you processing the information?
  • how well have you defined the information?
  • what other information do you need?

And, if you are a decision making system:

  • what decisions are you making, or not making?
  • are the decisions made in a timely manner?
  • what decisions can be outsourced?

Finally, seeing the organisation as an interpretation system implies that:

  • you need to have the correct perspective
  • that the rules of interpretation need to be consistent
  • that the language has to be understandable

What is the perspective that you have of your organization?

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