Facing the future

How do you face the future?

How do you think about the potential directions you or your organisation could take?

How should you respond to potential risks and opportunities?

One way is to use the Futures Triangle. A framework for looking at what has happened and what could happen.

The first set of questions are about your past:

  • what is the weight of the past?
  • what is holding you back?
  • what are your burdens and responsibilities?

The second set of questions are about the drivers of change:

  • what factors are causing you to change?
  • what are the changes you should resist?
  • what are the changes you should embrace?

The third set of questions are about the images of the future:

  • what attracts you about the future?
  • what repels you about the future?
  • what will success look like?

By thinking through these can you make the case for change, or make the case for staying as you are?

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