Is SWOT enough?

SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A tool used in developing options when it comes to strategic planning.

But is it enough? Does it cover all of the scenarios that you could face in the time ahead? What are you reference points for asking the questions?

For there are limitations when is comes to using the SWOT tool. Are you using it simply to press home a point? In defending an already defined set of goals and objectives?

The original intent of the tool, which was developed by Albert S. Humphrey around 1970 (he was a management consultant for Stanford Research), and further strengthened by Dr Heinz Weihrich 10 years later (a management consultant associated with the University of SanFrancisco), was to diagnose why strategic planning was failing corporations.

And so, its a diagnostic tool. A method for evaluating the internal and external environment for the downside and upside.

And yes, SWOT can be enough. It can illicit important answers.

But, what are you using it for? What are the frames of reference within which you will be asking questions? Of what area are you seeking insights about?

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