Strategic Foresight: Six Global Megatrends that are affecting us all

We all feel that the world is changing, but how?

We all inherently seem to know that things are different on a number of different levels. Whether at work, or “third sector” organisations, in the interactions we have with the world around us, or more broadly what we see happening in the economy.

These changes can be thought of as trends, and if they are long enough, deep enough and pervasive enough they are called “megatrends”.

And there are six megatrends that are affecting all of us.

  1. Globalisation 2.0
  2. Climate Change
  3. Individualism
  4. Digitisation
  5. Demographic changes
  6. Converging technologies

Globalisation 2.0: think how the first wave of globalization was all about the USA & Europe. With the growing middle class in Asia, Globalisation 2.0 will be focused in this region

Climate Change: think globally, think sustainability, think about resources that were once abundant and the impact of this upon the bottom-line

Individualism: do you really know your customers, your employees, your volunteers? How are you meeting their needs? If you dismiss this point, you don’t get the shift in attitudes.

Digitisation: the blurring of the boundaries between all aspects of our lives

Demographic changes: a rapidly aging population. How does this dynamic affect your customers, your employees, your volunteers?

Converging technologies: what will the impact be as information technology, nano technology and biotechnology merge?


“The only constant in life is change”, Heraclitus (500BC)


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