One tip for Fresh Thinking

Often we find ourselves “stuck in a rut”. Its like we have a sense of deja vu. That we have covered this ground before. Groundhog day!

Its like we have this problem in our business & we can’t seem to crack it. No matter what we try we can’t get new customers, we can’t break though with new products, we always seem to hit the same hurdles with respect to staff, or when our business reaches a certain size we always seem to stumble at the same point.

Well, it was well said by Albert Einstein about this need of a shift:

“we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them”

So, its obvious. To crack the problem we have, we need to try different thinking.

But isn’t the limitation that we have just one brain, and that its wired in a certain way?

Well, yes. But there are different ways to look at the problem. There are different perspectives that you can use. You can potentially crack the problem & achieve success with a changed mental approach.

And so the one tip is, use a different framework to get that fresh thinking.

For example, have you looked at the problem in terms of a system? That is, thinking through on how all the parts and variables are interlinked?

Or, have you looked at the matter through the eyes of say the “Balanced Scorecard”? Dividing the matter up into the quadrants of internal systems, training, stakeholders and finance?

And what about the risk triangle? That is risk evaluation, governance and response. By using before and after behaviours or even reflecting upon conditions before, during and after may be a useful approach.

So, its about being self aware. Understanding how you always seem to approach the matter and giving yourself space for a fresh approach.

This one tip is about being smarter, not being working harder or being more efficient.

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